May – August 2010 Newsletters

The July / August newsletter:

Some good stuff in there, including a brief bio of the band for June, Close Enough for Jazz. There is also news on the UC Denver Claim Jumpers, led by Bill Clark. We also have some info on the upcoming Evergreen Jazz Festival. And as always, our “Prez Sez” column as well as news from our event columnist, Walt Hewitt.

July – August 2010 Newsletter

The May / June Newsletter:

The May / June newsletter is dedicated to Alan Fredrickson, who passed on March 21, 2010, after a prolonged bout with pneumonia. There is a wonderful bio, recounting all of the amazing contributions Alan has made to the jazz community.

As always, we have our Prez Sez and A Little Bit of This… columns; bios of the bands performing for us – the Crystal Swing Band in May and the Marti Henry Swingtet in June. Guest columnist Pete Robinson has another great Pete’s Place article, and there is some news about our youth band, the DJC Youth All Stars.

May – June 2010 Newsletter